SPH-1 hydrogen deoxidation catalyst

SPH-1 hydrogen deoxidation catalyst


 SPH-1 hydrogen deoxidation catalyst


SPH-1 hydrogen deoxidation catalyst is a kind of noble metal—semiconductor catalyst, and it is new-style ultrapure deoxidation catalyst. It is mainly used in deoxidation in hydrogen, and other deoxidation of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, argon, helium, etc. Compared to other catalysts, it has characters of high deoxidation activity, and does not need activating treatment, wide operating pressure range, anti-heat, high strength, non-pulverization, strong water-proof and strong toxicity-proof for H2S, SO2, CL2 and NH3.

Using method:

1, Put the SPH-1 catalyst evenly in reactor, and use nitrogen to extract all the air out of the reactor.
2, Inject the air needed to be purified.
3, It does not need activation and rebirth.

Using condition and technical parameter:
Catalytic reactor ratio of height to diameter : 5 Mechanical strength: 96N/granule
Use temperature: Normal temperature Bulk density: 1.2kg/L
Airspeed: 5000-10000hours-1 Air source oxygen content: 2%
Operating pressure: 27Mpa Remaining oxygen: 1ppm
Granularity: 3×4.3×5mm Service time: 3 years
Maximum use temperature: 650℃