SPO-2 dehydrogenation catalyst

SPO-2 dehydrogenation catalyst


SPO-2 dehydrogenation catalyst


SPO-2 dehydrogen catalyst is noble metal—oxide catalyst. It is mainly used in the dehydrogenation of nitrogen, argon, etc. It also can be used in the deoxidation purification of ethane. It can dehydrogenate at normal temperature (160℃ better) with high activity, high efficiency, reliable performance and 2 years’ service time.

Using method:

A. Activation pre-processing before using: Notice: the catalyst activated by hydrogen can not be exposed in the air, otherwise it will make the deoxidizing agent burn.
B. Air deoxidation purification: heat and keep the temperature at 160℃~180℃, and inject the air (oxide content =2000PPm). After 20 minutes of air purification, the high purity air can be got.
C. Rebirth of SPO-2 dehydrogenation agent: heat and keep the reactor at 160℃~180℃, and inject nitrogen and hydrogen blended (oxide content 8~10%) with the airspeed 200h-1 until no moisture extracted at the outlet.

Using condition and technical parameter:
Catalyst reactor height-diameter ratio : 5 Remaining oxygen: 1PPm
Use temperature: Normal temperature~180℃ Bulk density: 1.2kg/L
Using airspeed: 3000h-1 Service time: 2 years
Oxygen content: 2000PPm