SPO-1 air dehydrogen catalyst

SPO-1 air dehydrogen catalyst


SPO-1 air dehydrogen catalyst


SPO-1 dehydrogen catalyst is noble metal—oxide catalyst. It is mainly used in the dehydrogenation of nitrogen, argon, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. It can dehydrogenate at normal temperature (160℃ better) with high activity, high efficiency, reliable performance and 2 years’ service time.

Using method:

A. Activation pre-processing before using1, Put the SPO-1 catalyst evenly in reactor, and use nitrogen to extract all the air out of the reactor.2, Heat the reactor to 180~200℃.3, Inject hydrogen (10~30%) and nitrogen blended, and airspeed is 150~200h-1.4, Set the temperature of reactor 160~180℃, and then keep the temperature.B. Dehydrogenation purification of air: heat the reactor to 160℃, and inject the air with hydrogen. After 20 minutes of air purification, the high purity air can be got.C. Rebirth of dehydrogenation catalyst: the solid oxygen after exhaustion can rebirth. Heat and keep the reactor at 160~180℃, and inject nitrogen (oxygen content 2%) with the airspeed 200h-1. When the tail gas oxygen content =0.5%, the rebirth is over. Notice: dehydrogenized catalyst can be exposed in the air, otherwise it will burn.

Using condition and technical parameter:
Catalyst reactor height-diameter ratio : 5 Remaining oxygen: 1PPm
Use temperature: Normal temperature~180℃ Bulk density: 1.2kg/L
Using airspeed: 3000h-1 Service time: 2 years
Oxygen content: 2000PPm