SPN deoxidation catalyst of nitrogen and inert gas

SPN deoxidation catalyst of nitrogen and inert gas


SPN deoxidation catalyst of nitrogen and inert gas


SPN deoxidation catalyst is noble metal—oxide catalyst. t is mainly used in the dehydrogenation of nitrogen, argon, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethane, etc. It can dioxide at normal temperature with high activity, large capacity, high airspeed and reliable performance.

Using method:

A. Activation pre-processing before using1, Put the SPN-1 deoxidation catalyst evenly in reactor, and use nitrogen to extract all the air out of the reactor.2, Inject hydrogen (15~30%) and nitrogen blended, and airspeed is 150~200h-1.
3, Heat the deoxidation reactor and make the temperature catalyst bed gradually to 200℃.B. Rebirth of dehydrogenation agent: It can be regenerated at normal temperature. In order to extract all the water (generated during deoxidation), heat the reactor to 50-80℃and then inject hydrogen (30~50%) and nitrogen blended with the airspeed is nearly 300hours-1. Because of the hydrogen adding, rebirth reaction makes the bed increase the temperature with the water extracted in the reaction. When there is no moisture extracted, inject the air for 20 minutes and then closed the hydrogen. And after 20 minutes, the re birth is over.

Using condition and technical parameter:
Catalyst bed: Height-diameter ratio:5 Remaining oxygen in pure air: 0.3PPm
Use temperature: Normal temperature~100℃ Deoxidation capacity: 12~25mg/g
Using airspeed: 5000h-1 Bulk density: 1.2kg/L
Oxide density in raw material gas: 1000PPm Service time: 2 years